Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

About limitless extention mascara

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times the official description:

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times a day is not blooming, magical makeup lasts all day. Have this new "small magic wand" mascara, thousands of women's double eyelashes can withstand the daily abuse; no extension of territory Lengthening Mascara times with anti-blooming, waterproof and anti-grease and other multi-effects! Easy to clean, removable, women who no longer have to fight every night with a mascara! Want to know how make-up on the make-up only with a piece of it http://www.huazhuang8.com/ / swab stained with warm water, just 30 seconds, you can completely removable. Makeup, the mascara formulation was small membrane shedding.

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times to use:

1 in accordance with the "first root, then the central, peripheral, after" the order of three times entrainment eyelashes, while gently pulling up the side of the folder
2-fold spin out without delay throughout slender white end of the mascara, the opening to remove the excess mascara, mascara brush horizontally on the roots of the lashes, from root to the Ministry was a slight little "Z" shape around the see-saw apply eyelash-like
3 and then paste to the black makeup, and use the same way as a white paste, paste to fully cover the black white paste
4 Finally, with the eyeliner brush vertically, use the brush to gently apply lower lashes end

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