Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Eyeshadow Trend analysis

Although some people say they do not use eyeshadow at daily makeup ; it surely make you look better after you apply eyeshadow

there are  3 kinds of eyeshadow

first group

Gray and dark color. they are used on the ara you want to light up, it has the effect of shadow . including dark gray and dark brown, etc...

second group

Light color, like white, shimmer color , pink , etc...

third group

the color that you want to emphysis according to your own preference, usually blue, brown , gray; sometimes you might prefer to look mild , you can chose light purple, Peach color will make you look sexy , voilet color will make you look mature ; metal color is suitable used on stage.

Occaion eyeshadow match:

If you go to a proformal occasion, like an inverview, go to office, you should chose mild color, like light coffee color, white, or yellow...if you g o to a casual occasion, you can chose some bright color, like blue, green, yellow... if you go to a pop place, you can chose colorful color, with strong sense of contract...

some tips for your reference. if you have some suggestion you can leave commend on us :)

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