Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

How to apply mascara tips

Eyelashes may be small, but then eyes the charm of this window on the soul level play an important role. But the brush lashes, wearing false eyelashes for many girls this little trick is very difficult. Here are some lashes makeup and techniques you publicly, and charm the eye lashes from the perfect start!

Step1: the end of paste brush scrape off excess fiber before the bottle, otherwise it will be easy after the eyelashes tangle.
Step2: Do not brush the end of more than 3 times cream, or black mascara is not easy to cover all the brush, brush after 30 seconds, so that the end was a semi-dry state and then paste on black mascara.

Step3: In a sense the most dense root needs to be emphasized in order to "Z" shaped brush back and forth, directly up the middle and end of the brush, are less likely to tangle.
Step4: To show a sense of dense, eye-head, and the next end of eye lashes with a can not be ignored, then a small brush mascara on to be a good helper.


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