Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

2012 New York Fashion show makeup

In the 2012 Spring New York Fashion Week,  the coral red lips, Frans female handsome ponytail, hot nude color, so that we are confusing, like to become a fashion trend, it must not miss this issue of the wonderful look of New York Fashion
To create bold eyebrow makeup is definitely the trend of the spring 2012. NARS global artistic director James Boehmer said. he uses nude color lip liner and lipstick to creat shinny  champagne lip gloss.

Waves and soft shiny hair shine, never out of date. However, in Cynthia Rowley's show floor, to prove the convergence of these two styles has super charm. Model's hair care solution with fixed forks , take care of a bright sheen, and then create a large fluffy hair stick to maximize the effect. Cream with a wooden comb combing hair fast to open, make the hair look more elegant.

 From Diane Kendal hands of vibrant orange-red lipstick makes the show floor at the Jason Wu astounding. She was inspired by pop art, she skillfully with bright crimson lip liner and lipstick carefully draw beautiful lips, the lips with your fingers to the top of the loose orange cast, but also for this lip inject new vitality. Because of the loose orange, even in the professional makeup artist's toolbox is hard to get, concentrated coral eye shadow you can become your own palette in a perfect substitute.
Chocolate Red Lips and neat ponytail, and the use of geometric patterns and stitching materials tribes of African inspired clothing line Donna Karan is very proportionate, looks very stylish. To achieve this effect, make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury used MAC Bitter Sweet lip liner to draw lips, with a reddish brown color of the lipstick painted lips, and then dab some loose powder to create a matte effect final look .

This is like a mature girl calm rebellious inner thoughts keep flowing, the kind of complex and contradictory feelings. "NARS makeup artist Francelle local commented Phillip Lim, she created a strong impact, metallic arc crack style eye makeup from the inside corner outward along the eyebrow shape, with angular brush to the NARS Paris Duo eye shadow to create a unique shadow effect.

CK has been unique, consistent style, always remains pure, natural, charming style. "This dress, loose hair like this girl CK style." Redken creative consultant Guido said. He uses Redken hair repair spray and sea-inch diameter hair slightly curled hair style create a stick.  very natural.

Doo.Ri metallic luster seize our attention. Here,  make-up artist T om Pecheux mixed a large area of  with MAC metallic eye shadow, eyeliner has been through the eyebrows along the outside of the painting to the temple to the innermost corner, even in the jaw bone on both the brush on the metallic , as a high light. Objective evaluation, we like shimmering eye shadow.

Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Skill of Paste the false eyelashes

Latest Fashion Styles Firstly to clear some things below:

Q: Is everyone fit for eyelash curler?
A: false eyelashes eyelash grafting is stuck in his eyelashes, so inherently lashes thick, curling, do it best. If itself too sparse, or even inverted eyelashes long person, is not recommended to do grafting, you can attempt to transplant hair follicle operation.
Q: Mascara grafting effect can be maintained how long?
A : with the growth of eyelashes itself and fall off naturally, coupled with the face, touch the external factors, in the grafted from three weeks to a month later, eyelash loss 1 / 3, but the overall effect is usually able to maintain 1.5 ~ 2 months.
Q: grafting eyelash color choices?
A: false eyelashes colors are purple, black, pink, brown and so on, general recommendations will color eyelash and black mixed grafting, it does not need to be your eyelashes dyeing.

Confirm the eyelash state
Before grafting, must let the technician to verify your eyelashes state, is suitable for grafting, there is no need to dismount the eyes, remove contact lenses before planting, residual according to whether it needs to process and so on.
Identifying the ideal type
Eyelash grafting process, technicians can make use of different length of the eyelash shaping a different eye, and to make up their own eye defects, you will need to communicate and technician.
Eyelash root number and camber choice
The same effect only increase eyelash quantity, the effects are not the same, only the eyes of 40 root is the most close to natural effect, 60 roots are close to the coated with mascara effect, 80 root is dense and long effect.

Some compositions of unknown glue can cause eye allergy, induced ocular inflammation, if in the grafting process, feel eye irritation or have any discomfort, please stop, and rinse the eyes;
False eyelashes material but also pay attention to, be sure to choose a quality assurance of false eyelashes, because it is soft to the touch closest to their own false eyelash eyelashes touch after grafting, there will be a slight difference;
Eyelash grafting after 4 ~ 5 hours, can not contact with water or water vapor;
No matter how good your protection, grafted eyelashes to fall, will take part in your eyelashes;
In order not to let eyelash soon fall off, wash your face, action to try to gently, and avoid knead eyelash.
Grafted eyelashes, if you want to use mascara, must choose a special grafting with mascara, eyeliner, eye makeup remover products, and to avoid the use of oily.