Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

2012 New York Fashion show makeup

In the 2012 Spring New York Fashion Week,  the coral red lips, Frans female handsome ponytail, hot nude color, so that we are confusing, like to become a fashion trend, it must not miss this issue of the wonderful look of New York Fashion
To create bold eyebrow makeup is definitely the trend of the spring 2012. NARS global artistic director James Boehmer said. he uses nude color lip liner and lipstick to creat shinny  champagne lip gloss.

Waves and soft shiny hair shine, never out of date. However, in Cynthia Rowley's show floor, to prove the convergence of these two styles has super charm. Model's hair care solution with fixed forks , take care of a bright sheen, and then create a large fluffy hair stick to maximize the effect. Cream with a wooden comb combing hair fast to open, make the hair look more elegant.

 From Diane Kendal hands of vibrant orange-red lipstick makes the show floor at the Jason Wu astounding. She was inspired by pop art, she skillfully with bright crimson lip liner and lipstick carefully draw beautiful lips, the lips with your fingers to the top of the loose orange cast, but also for this lip inject new vitality. Because of the loose orange, even in the professional makeup artist's toolbox is hard to get, concentrated coral eye shadow you can become your own palette in a perfect substitute.
Chocolate Red Lips and neat ponytail, and the use of geometric patterns and stitching materials tribes of African inspired clothing line Donna Karan is very proportionate, looks very stylish. To achieve this effect, make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury used MAC Bitter Sweet lip liner to draw lips, with a reddish brown color of the lipstick painted lips, and then dab some loose powder to create a matte effect final look .

This is like a mature girl calm rebellious inner thoughts keep flowing, the kind of complex and contradictory feelings. "NARS makeup artist Francelle local commented Phillip Lim, she created a strong impact, metallic arc crack style eye makeup from the inside corner outward along the eyebrow shape, with angular brush to the NARS Paris Duo eye shadow to create a unique shadow effect.

CK has been unique, consistent style, always remains pure, natural, charming style. "This dress, loose hair like this girl CK style." Redken creative consultant Guido said. He uses Redken hair repair spray and sea-inch diameter hair slightly curled hair style create a stick.  very natural.

Doo.Ri metallic luster seize our attention. Here,  make-up artist T om Pecheux mixed a large area of  with MAC metallic eye shadow, eyeliner has been through the eyebrows along the outside of the painting to the temple to the innermost corner, even in the jaw bone on both the brush on the metallic , as a high light. Objective evaluation, we like shimmering eye shadow.

Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Skill of Paste the false eyelashes

Latest Fashion Styles Firstly to clear some things below:

Q: Is everyone fit for eyelash curler?
A: false eyelashes eyelash grafting is stuck in his eyelashes, so inherently lashes thick, curling, do it best. If itself too sparse, or even inverted eyelashes long person, is not recommended to do grafting, you can attempt to transplant hair follicle operation.
Q: Mascara grafting effect can be maintained how long?
A : with the growth of eyelashes itself and fall off naturally, coupled with the face, touch the external factors, in the grafted from three weeks to a month later, eyelash loss 1 / 3, but the overall effect is usually able to maintain 1.5 ~ 2 months.
Q: grafting eyelash color choices?
A: false eyelashes colors are purple, black, pink, brown and so on, general recommendations will color eyelash and black mixed grafting, it does not need to be your eyelashes dyeing.

Confirm the eyelash state
Before grafting, must let the technician to verify your eyelashes state, is suitable for grafting, there is no need to dismount the eyes, remove contact lenses before planting, residual according to whether it needs to process and so on.
Identifying the ideal type
Eyelash grafting process, technicians can make use of different length of the eyelash shaping a different eye, and to make up their own eye defects, you will need to communicate and technician.
Eyelash root number and camber choice
The same effect only increase eyelash quantity, the effects are not the same, only the eyes of 40 root is the most close to natural effect, 60 roots are close to the coated with mascara effect, 80 root is dense and long effect.

Some compositions of unknown glue can cause eye allergy, induced ocular inflammation, if in the grafting process, feel eye irritation or have any discomfort, please stop, and rinse the eyes;
False eyelashes material but also pay attention to, be sure to choose a quality assurance of false eyelashes, because it is soft to the touch closest to their own false eyelash eyelashes touch after grafting, there will be a slight difference;
Eyelash grafting after 4 ~ 5 hours, can not contact with water or water vapor;
No matter how good your protection, grafted eyelashes to fall, will take part in your eyelashes;
In order not to let eyelash soon fall off, wash your face, action to try to gently, and avoid knead eyelash.
Grafted eyelashes, if you want to use mascara, must choose a special grafting with mascara, eyeliner, eye makeup remover products, and to avoid the use of oily.

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Five latest trends in wearing sunglasses

1) One of the newest trends of sunglasses this season is Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. This fashion of sunglasses was particularly popular in 1950's and 1960's. This year thay made a major came back. Such sunglasses come in classic black, vintage dazzling colors or new two - toned frame choices which create the decisive classic style.

2) The 70's style thicker frames have been admired for a few years already. However, you should be very cautious if you decide to choose these retro styles - enthused protections of sun. They should be suitable for your face features and not to look too big.

3) Tortoise shell glasses are all still very hot this year. Stylists think that they will most likely go out of style soon, but this year they are still smart. They are universal because they can be worn with any style of clothes. A good asset for a difficult financial times!

4) One of the latest trends in sunglasses are the gradient lens. These sunglasses give emphasis to lenses, which are usually half shaded from top to bottom, and not frames. Different color lenses will make you to look fresh and very stylish.

5) The round "John Lennon" style sunglasses were mostly favored by hipies. Later they were associated with such celebrities as Philip Johnson, Le Corbusier, Dominick Dunne or Gandhi. These sunglasses helped to create unique and clear style. This year "John Lennon" style sunglasses made a huge come back especially for women. So, if you want to attract lots of minds, these unusually looking sunglasses are a perfect choice for you!

Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Basic cosmetic steps with pictures

1 facial cleansing, makeup water or lotion.
2, apply the foundation , from the inside to the outside gently evenly.

3 Use concealer, or concealer in the need to amend the site gently point. Cream concealer or cover-spot selection of the best color slightly lighter than a little bit of product, you can apply black eye or a spot in the place slightly.

4 Eyeshadow, according to the occasion you are going to chose or match the right colors of eyeshadow; Manly 120 color palette recommend.

5 and then false eyelashes or mascara

6  Select lip color match your whole makeup

7  Comes last : Blush 

Daily life makeup :)

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

2012 daily smokey makeup

Smoked makeup  is the most popular makeup, so loved by many women.  Then take a look at the most popular in 2012 how little of it smoked makeup...

smokey makeup Tips 1 stick with a fine cotton liner or black eye shadow instead of eyeliner first with a clean eye shadow primer and then stacked, can easily enhance a sense of profound degree and blooming. (2) the makeup of the eyelashes with smoke thick enough to Alice must be enough to highlight the three-dimensional, or eye makeup is too heavy to eat. 3 the first attempt to draw smoke makeup, to be held fast to the principle of color a few times, to avoid


Dark to light on the makeup method 1 smoked makeup special black eyeliner, draw a little on the thick eyeliner. (2) with a cotton swab to push the smudged eyeliner, keep a sense of remove color contours. 3 gray eye shadow stack will rub on the upper eyelid, it will produce natural gradient. 4 Step 3 eye shadow stick with the pastels of the lower eyelid after more than 1 / 3 range. 5 to highlight the brow and eye-head Alice eyelash curler after mascara brush on thick. 

Light to dark make up method

1 honey coated with gray eyes in the entire upper eyelid, the more close to the external use less. (2) dark gray eye shadow up from blooming to the eye on the occasion of orbital and lower eyelid after 1 / 2 range. 3 black eye shadow brush eyelid fold area, then brush the sheets within the double eye can see the range of colors. 4 eyelids with black eye shadow brush after the next 1 / 3 of the area immediately liner. 5 silver with white pearl eye shadow to highlight brow and eye-head, and finally you can brush on the mascara.

Suitable for smokey makeup

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Cutie doll eye make up

Pink purple eye makeup,make you a best looks of the doll sweet girl. It is a kind of woman, enough to be fascinated by the world why men. Doll eye makeup to create very simple, just place from the bottom up from the eyelashes gently smudged pink and purple eye shadow can be. Finally, the lower eyelid near the inner corner at the first touch of the bright colors. And you're done by myself.

Light purple eye makeup is suitable for a small woman in their prime. Somewhat mysterious, somewhat charming. Focus on the lower lid of the white highlights. The right light touch highlights the deep eyes.

         Pink Eye, notably curling eyelashes, eye makeup indistinct. Makeup like bare basic models. More suitable for crush delicate, soft facial features prominent women.

         Pink is also suitable for baby-faced girls. Eye makeup and pink blush each other. Gift to a woman lovely temperament. Bring women shy obsequiousness. The opposite of the boy and mature men caught.

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Eyeshadow Trend analysis

Although some people say they do not use eyeshadow at daily makeup ; it surely make you look better after you apply eyeshadow

there are  3 kinds of eyeshadow

first group

Gray and dark color. they are used on the ara you want to light up, it has the effect of shadow . including dark gray and dark brown, etc...

second group

Light color, like white, shimmer color , pink , etc...

third group

the color that you want to emphysis according to your own preference, usually blue, brown , gray; sometimes you might prefer to look mild , you can chose light purple, Peach color will make you look sexy , voilet color will make you look mature ; metal color is suitable used on stage.

Occaion eyeshadow match:

If you go to a proformal occasion, like an inverview, go to office, you should chose mild color, like light coffee color, white, or yellow...if you g o to a casual occasion, you can chose some bright color, like blue, green, yellow... if you go to a pop place, you can chose colorful color, with strong sense of contract...

some tips for your reference. if you have some suggestion you can leave commend on us :)

Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

How to apply mascara tips

Eyelashes may be small, but then eyes the charm of this window on the soul level play an important role. But the brush lashes, wearing false eyelashes for many girls this little trick is very difficult. Here are some lashes makeup and techniques you publicly, and charm the eye lashes from the perfect start!

Step1: the end of paste brush scrape off excess fiber before the bottle, otherwise it will be easy after the eyelashes tangle.
Step2: Do not brush the end of more than 3 times cream, or black mascara is not easy to cover all the brush, brush after 30 seconds, so that the end was a semi-dry state and then paste on black mascara.

Step3: In a sense the most dense root needs to be emphasized in order to "Z" shaped brush back and forth, directly up the middle and end of the brush, are less likely to tangle.
Step4: To show a sense of dense, eye-head, and the next end of eye lashes with a can not be ignored, then a small brush mascara on to be a good helper.


Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Eyeshadow match skill

Eyeshadow match skill ----daily life

daily life makeup:  mild color , simple match
frequent use of color : light coffee color, dark coffee color , blue gray,violet color,white color, pink white and bright yellow etc...

eyeshadow match skill--- night makeup

Commonly used in eye shadow colors: dark brown, light brown, gray, blue gray, blue, purple, orange, orange red, sunset red, rose red, coral red, bright yellow, yellow, silver and white, silver, pink and white , blue and white, beige, pearl color and so on.

Eye shadow colors: dark brown with light brown, orange-red, bright yellow, warm colors, makeup colors look simple, warm and full of vitality; gray with blue-gray, purple, silver, cold colors, makeup colors look elegant and refined; blue with purple, red, silver and white, color, cool, makeup colors look glamorous; dark brown with orange-red, yellow, beige, warm colors, makeup colors look festive and beautiful; blue-gray with coral, purple, pink white, neutral cool, makeup colors look elegant.

eyeshadow match skill--- bridal  makeup the use of its eye shadow in neutral warm festive color-based, but should also take into account the make-up and dress of the season features.

Commonly used in eye shadow colors: brown, blue, purple, brown, blue and purple, red, coral, orange, sunset red, pink and, off-white, beige, blue and so on.

Eye shadow colors: brown with orange-red, white rice, makeup colors look festive and generous; purple-brown with coral red, pink and white, makeup colors look festive and charming; sunset sky blue with red, blue and white, makeup colors look festive and feminine ; blue and purple with rose red, white rice, makeup colors look festive and elegant.

Trendy makeup

Fashion makeup: the use of bright eye shadow color, color of the strong.

Commonly used in eye shadow colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, silver, blue and white, rose red, cherry red.

Eye shadow colors: blue with orange, silver and white, warm and lively; green with yellow, cherry red, makeup colors look warm and charming; purple-brown with rose red, orange, blue and white, makeup colors look warm and elegant; blue with rose red, yellow, silver, makeup colors bright and noble.

Eye Shadow Eye color matching skills of the article1, single fold-color eye shadow colors: Add to create a clear sense of dark, slightly beyond the end of eye bright and then brushing on float at eye socket. Also in the marginal brushing dark eyes, set here to adjust the color thickness of 1-2 mm sheet when the eye can see.2, in both color eye shadow colors: the light-colored soil in the eye socket on the brush, brushing in the dense dark eyes are marginal, in addition to the lower lid by the end of eye range of about one-third of the coated thin dark. Then naturally connected with the eye shadow on the eyelid.3, small eyes, color eye shadow colors: effect of increasing the use of bright colors bright colors painted on the eye area will be larger than the orbital range, and then around to the lower lid, increase the size of the eye. As for the dark, it is painted along the marginal growth of the eye bar, emphasizing cross as wide.4,Gap eye color eye shadow colors: increase the use of dark eyes will be bright as the central area around the end of eye from the general to the next orbital brushing eyelids, and dark eye shadow is painted on the eyelid, the final uplift of the pupil eyelid painted part taught coarse end of eye, and then head to the eye brush halo, so will be to strike a balance.
5, drooping eye color eye shadow colors: Shadow on the upper eyelid marked increase at the end of eye float along the orbital brushing naturally bright and dark is a broad-brush brushing at the end of eye, and then brush up the halo, this layer on the end of eye splash effect can mention.6, swollen eye color eye shadow colors: the bright colors and float at the bright shadow brush to exceed the orbital range, then brush the halo to the eyebrow, in addition to the lower lid is also surrounded by brush, such as faint as the eye generally, as it is dark thin and light brushing on lashes at the margin.7, narrow between the eyes color eye shadow colors: stressed part of the brush into the halo as Yamagata.8, single-color eye shadow colors: Shadow on the lower lid to strike a balance will be marked with bright painted the entire eye socket, while the dark is thick and concentrated to smear on the eye at first, then brush the halo to the end of eye; the other hand, along the lower end of eye socket around the eye, such as brushing bright and generally brush head and end of eye to the lower eyelids, as dark is brushing along the margin of the eye, and wide and long to brush halo to the end of eye, eyelid until the next by the end of eye about one-third of the range.

Recommend eyeshadow palette : 120 colors eyeshadow series and 88 colors eyeshadow series, here are links of them from colorfulonline :

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

More about apply mascara

No matter what kind of beauty makeup, thick slender eyelashes are key. As long as it can be said with thick curly eyelashes, you can easily can have electric eyes, attractive upgrade. Of course, can not have legs like cockroaches in a wildly's sticky eyelashes. A lot of MM complaining, why is not the stud is clearly eyelashes brush it, brush your eyelashes way, right? Today small is necessary to teach the most basic advanced eyelashes brush method, quick to learn about it!

Step1: After eyelashes with eyelash curler clip after the end of cream with a stick of mascara brush, play with the vertical "Z" shaped the way, the lower end of the eyelashes to the top, gently brush the paste on the bottom lashes. Do not brush the end of more than 3 times cream, or black mascara is not easy to cover all the brush, brush after 30 seconds, so that the end was a semi-dry state and then paste on black mascara. Bottom lashes cream can long maintain no time looking, easy to make a more lasting halo mascara makeup.

Step2: use a mascara brush dipped to "Z" shaped the way, the lower end of the eyelashes to the top, gently brush the mascara. "Z" shaped stud clear way to make eyelashes. At the same time make clear sharp eyelashes, big round eyes clear.

Step3: the eyes look down, the roots of the eyelashes exposed as much as possible, the eyelash brush into the roots of the lashes, keeping 2-3 seconds, then pull the tail to the lashes, while mascara is dry when you can make fine-tuning, the eyelash brush more dense. Lack of experience in MM brush eyelash eyelashes can baffle, or a cotton pad and gently stand on the eyelids, mascara brush to avoid out of bounds.

Step4: strong effect of the eye lashes is not enough, if there are doll-like glasses of pure clear sense, but also the third step. Will be divided into three parts on the eyelashes. Up in the eyelash brush, eye brush head and end of eye are out, so it can get big thick round God's eyes. Comb eyelashes with eyelash comb to avoid the "cockroach foot" generation, so that eyelashes stud clear.

Step5: eyelashes with a low dip cream, fine brush under the eyelashes, from left to right, from right to left, in a vertical way of the brush. Effective in every eyelash comb to prevent caking, showing slender eyelashes.

Step6: under the lashes with a special comb-like brush lightly under the eyelashes, make eyelashes become more slender under thick.