Rabu, 30 November 2011

Maxi skirts – Again among teen clothing trends

Maxi skirts are yet again in the fashion clothing. You can notice many runways full of maxi skirt. It is one of the most feminine attire. Maxi skirt can be the excellent option for those who are not having right stature for maxi dresses. The print, style and color make maxi skirt look unusual from other. If you are bore of jeans, then maxi skirt is amazing alternative.

Maxi skirts are like consent for fatty women, especially for heavy bottom women. It is in full length skirt, so it covers your full legs. Women those who do not like to show their legs, maxi skirts are the finest alternative for them. Maxi Skirts are primarily known as a casual wear. It can easily replace an evening dress. You can wear maxi skirt for evening walk, any party or for shopping. It is ideal for any event.

You can wear all most anything with maxi skirt like shirt, tops, tunics blouse etc. Even you can combine and match maxi skirt with different style of top and can get special looks from same skirt. Maxi skirts have its own style and preference among the teen fashion trends.

Few talks about Maxi Skirt:

I don't have a maxi skirt, but I recently unearthed a vintage maxi dress from my mum's wardrobe and I finally plucked up the courage to wear it out yesterday (I'm very small, about 5'3", so I've always felt that a maxi would swamp me) and I got loads of compliments. I feel like I've been converted to the maxi dress/skirt trend and I am hoping to add a maxi skirt or two to my vwardrobe in the near future. So, YES, therawpower, you can pull it off! I'm shorter than you and I can pull it off. You just need to get the right fit for your body shape.

to all the shorties: maxi skirts + high waists (a la bonbonenata) are perfection! i LOVE long skirts. they sure beat all the butt-grazing minis that are out there.

Reference of these above talks within the quotes:

Selasa, 29 November 2011

2012 eyeshadow trend

Following is the 10 beauty trend from 2011 newyork fashion show

Indian super model  Lakshmi Menon 's sexy eyes and lip totally show her glamor ; it is the undoutable the most makeup for all kind of gather party .

Cat eyes , nude lip gloss is nearly calling for the slight color in 2012

Shinny green eyeshadow with peach color lip suitable for fair skin women

Bright red is a main trend in 2012

Glass girl, nearly nude makeup makeup

Creative New  BOBO hair style

Sexy cat hair , heavy and dark eyeliner ..will become a trend at night house or bar.

Kamis, 24 November 2011

Makeup for woman in 30s' and 40s'

Women reach its 30, a mature age, they need to be seemed as it is, so we need use mature makeup to show their sexy. for this age, the skin turns a little yellow; so it is necessary to use makeup to conceal this fawl. . the principle is natural for daily makeup and night makeup, can make it a little dark. If you want to seem more young , it is good to use some pink color ; when apply loose powder, can add some light purple color;
for woman age above 30, blush is a good way to make you look younger, but not too heavy.

Women reach its 40, besides the great care of skin, it is very important to master the skill of makeup. At age of 40, the skin seems to be a little loose,  with slight Wrinkles, so they need to apply some anti-sunburt lotion and then foundation. it is better to use wet sponge. To use loose powder to reduce the Brightness of the skin. 
for hairstyles you can see http://womenhair-ideas.blogspot.com/ for some guidance.


Makeup base : A good choice to use color -adaptable foundation. Before lotion, it is better to put some anti-sunburt lotion to moisture skin.

Concealer: The point is on flaw, wrinkle, and eye bag.

Foundation: Use the foundation with concealer function

Power : Reduce the gruffness of the skin with the loose powder.

Jumat, 18 November 2011

Fashion Talk - Is Belts Necessity or Fashion?

Belts are the important part of men clothing, in past few decades belts become crucial part of women clothing as well. From the start of 20th century when men start using trousers belts were generally used. Before that belts were used by military men only. Belts were used to give the wearer trim figure and opens the soldiers chest wide.

Belts have been used by men and women since the Bronze Age. The main purpose of belts is to hold the cloth with the waist, but in the world of fashion, the need of a person made with a new appearance and designs. Similarly some of the women belts are designed only for great look. It has become very significant part of our clothing, now a day people use belts according to the fashion and its very stylish these days. Belts fashion varies for men and women. Women belts have an open range of making stuffs and designs, Women Belts may be made of leather or Elastic belt. Now both males and females are more unease about belts these days in their clothing. Since 19th century to world war1 belts decorative as well as use as the part of the uniform like in army uniforms, police officers uniform etc.

In a nut shell, Belts Necessity or Fashion, it is an important part of men or women clothing. We might not say Belts Necessity or Fashion, but Belts Necessity and Fashion.

foundation and tip for chose foundation

If there is no foundation, the world's star,  will definitely
collapse before screen, Even they have good skin, photography
lighting, also need to achieve the best foundation. Foundation
as women gorgeous coat, an instant you become perfect.
Foundation is the best tool to give them confidence in the
shortest time

Good natural foundation, have a good concealer and skincare
function. today we are not only share its benefits, but also to
correct some misunderstanding to it . Look at the use of
foundation, you committed the following fault?
1,never apply the foundation on hand to test.this is a mistake
that all woman will make. Foundation is used on face but not on
arms. they are different so the display on the difference are
not same too.
2, there is no foundation suitable for you in every season. you
have to get at least 2 different color foundation according to
the change of your skin.

3, light concealer can not help on dark eyes. Suggest to use the
concealer suitable your skin.
4. powder is with protect foundation can protect your skin. No
matter if you are professional of not, your skin will become
it is important to own two different powders.one is matte,used
on the face  one is with a little shimmer to apply on nose
,brow,cheekbones and forehead, so that your face will look
magically smaller and fine.

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Kamis, 17 November 2011

The understated style of Kate Middleton

The royal couple's visit to Denmark on November 2 is the opportunity to return to the impeccable chic of the Duchess of Cambridge. On Wednesday, Kate Middleton and Prince William visit a UNICEF centerin Denmark. The princess showed a sober occasion into long burgundycoat LK Bennett military spirit. The choice of that color, like the use of abelt (Vicceli) to mark its size, owe nothing to chance. They correspond tothe contrary "style Kate," here are the basics ...
The red color, Coat in poppy in 2010, during a military parade.

Rabu, 16 November 2011

manly 120 color and its display on skin

outside cover

inner box

first layer  60 colors:The main color of one layer is : blue , green and orange

second layer  60 colors:brown, white, red, pink, purple, Dark blue, lake blue , grass green ,and black

two layers together totally 120 colors

 3 matte color, 4 little shimmer color, 2 high shimmer color and 1 mix

2 matte color ,5 little shimmer color, 1 high shimmer ,1 minearal blue and 1 mix

 6 matte, 3 little shimmer and 1 mix
 3 minearal green, 4 little shimmer, 1 mix and 1 high shimmer

yellow color + 2 golden and 1 mix

2 light leneon yellow ,orange, matte, little himmer , high shimmer and mix

black brown , white...

blue green



pink and orange

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New collection autumn-winter 2011-2012

Installed for quite some weeks in your stores and online "Fashion is in you," the new fall-winter 2011-2012 collection you have not yet been presented in a way .... "Official".

We will of course fix it!
Because you are all different, this superb collection is part of three worlds! To each his look, to each his desires .... But all Dragonflies!
Chic Parisien in an urban style. The woman "Parisienne" likes to mix styles to make his own unique. It plays to its strengths to be chic,bohemian and timeless. The heel shoes and ultra chic little jacket are its essential.
Nice day for a glamorous style. The woman "Beautiful Day" lifts the codes of the fifties years. She says her sexiness and sensual while still being glamorous.
Backstage for a style rebel. Released and definitely plugged in, this is your impression when you meet the woman "Backstage". She dares color punch to blow his facet glam rock and rebellious spirit.

Avant an after-diner

Who says a glass of champagne does not turn your head! it is true that the music of Buddha-Bar in Monaco is for something that consumes me morebubbles of Perrier as the Crystal Roder, you will immediately understand the before and after dinner ...