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10 Tips for quick makeup

  Every girl is very panic after get up : 30 min in bathroom, wash hair, dry and then take out the clothes from clothset; revise the eyeliner repeatly.....it seems that time is so limited before leave. Now, there are 10 tips for only 10 min before leave.

  1, high quality clean cotton
   Make sure to clean the face with high quality clean cotton,it truly make your skin look transparent
 2. one min face pat
Stick to the habit of Pat the cheek every morning for just a minute,  you can make your skin look more transparent, and facial swelling situation will be eased.

 3 Remove the dead skin by towel:
No special processes and products, with a damp towel to gently rub face skin in circle

  4. Partial highlight

In order to cover the tired face, do not have to be painted  face fully, only with concealer, applied both inside and outside corners and cheekbones in, you can significantly brighten the effect, it is in high spirits.

    5. Before makeup lotion
 Apply some lotion or cream before makeup

      Eyeliner will bright your eyes.Draw a liner lightly along eyelash and then play some small dots between eyeliner, and blance the color with finger ( never use makeup cotton here,it will make the color lose too much) And then eyeliner will become thicker and darker. So you even do not have to apply mascara.

   7. Choose nude eyeshadow :
       Neutral colors ,even without too sophisticated techniques, can also play a very good effect to beauty eyes , which is a good helper to save time.Brown eyeshadow is suitable for girls with a fair skin, and chocolate color is more suitable for darker skin carrier. And meantime these two kind of color is with a first-class effect of conceal flaw.

    8. Cream blush:
  Only 2 seconds you can finish blush with cream blush.

9. Apply lip color with finger
  Apply lip color with finger not only quick but also looks more blanced.If you want the color last longer,you apply 2 layers ,one is with color lipstick and one is lip care lotion.

 10. eyebrown
  Must outline the contours of the eyebrows, choose a little more than your eyebrow color cream, or light quality of the eyebrow eyebrows cream, from the highest point of your eyebrow Mei Wei began to draw, the "blank" at the fill . Even so makeup will look radiant..........

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