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5 styles of blush

If we say, eye makeup is the focus of facial makeup, lipstick is a makeup bag essential elements, then, is a cosmetic face blush and beautify the complexion of the best tools.

Double Color blush

 First in the dark on the fan-shaped cheeks blush brush, and then overlap the top fan light in the plagioclase blush, a large round face can be modified to achieve the role.

Round blush
This is the most common and most simple blush painting. As long as the mirror smile, smile muscles in the cheeks raised position, the way to draw a circle on a blush brush can. However, this relatively sweet and lovely blush-looking, not suitable for ladies on this.

Fan blush

The blush of the larger, not only modified face, but also can express a good color. Blush is the location of the temple, laughing muscles, consisting of three fan-shaped ears, below, note the direction of the brush blush, from the buccal side of the central color to the cheeks, blush colors can make the deepest fall buccal position, to achieve the purpose of modified face.

Buccal blush

If you feel your face is too round, try painting the buccal blush can make face look more slender. Buccal blush trick is to choose the darker blush like brick red, dark brown, brush on the cheeks of the periphery, that is, the position of the ears to the cheek bone, the scope can be extended to the inward slightly below the cheekbone, make the face look more three-dimensional.

Sunburn blush

Catch the wave you want to take the vacation, try these two sunny sense of blush painting. Sense of selection with glossy golden brown blush, lightly hit the nose on both sides of the location. Peak can be pushed from the nose to the cheeks color, you can create a holiday just received the baptism of light makeup.

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