Minggu, 13 November 2011

Creat fresh modern make up

How to present a fresh modern look with classical feel from 1960's? The point is at foundation and eyelashes . For Asian girls, recommended to use liquid foundation to creat natural color pink skin,\with naughty double-effect mascara to eyelashes and thick brush out of the stud is clearly upper and lower lashes, so show the 60's innocent eyes big eyes, Finally, the effect of a sense of decorative touch of water in key positions. For example emulsion on Jiabian bright, clear gel on the eyelids or the location, long-lasting matte finish with bright material with water, a sense primer, woven into the texture of modern modern makeup

  Step 1: Transparent foundation ; Played with a powder pink skin at the same time reduce the cheek moments, the first liquid foundation with moisture enough backing in the face, then quickly beat puff dipped in full face amount of the powder until the powder evenly spread on the skin so far.

    Step 2:  Focus on eyes makeup; Painted with black eyeliner 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of the upper and lower eyeliner, eyeliner can be omitted if the thick lashes, sweeping only some of the end of eye liner.

 Step 3,Light-colored transparent lip gloss;To select the lips close to the liquid lip color lipstick, do not have to outline the lips, then gently point colorless but shiny lip gloss, modification profile, while strengthening the impression of no makeup.

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