Jumat, 18 November 2011

foundation and tip for chose foundation

If there is no foundation, the world's star,  will definitely
collapse before screen, Even they have good skin, photography
lighting, also need to achieve the best foundation. Foundation
as women gorgeous coat, an instant you become perfect.
Foundation is the best tool to give them confidence in the
shortest time

Good natural foundation, have a good concealer and skincare
function. today we are not only share its benefits, but also to
correct some misunderstanding to it . Look at the use of
foundation, you committed the following fault?
1,never apply the foundation on hand to test.this is a mistake
that all woman will make. Foundation is used on face but not on
arms. they are different so the display on the difference are
not same too.
2, there is no foundation suitable for you in every season. you
have to get at least 2 different color foundation according to
the change of your skin.

3, light concealer can not help on dark eyes. Suggest to use the
concealer suitable your skin.
4. powder is with protect foundation can protect your skin. No
matter if you are professional of not, your skin will become
it is important to own two different powders.one is matte,used
on the face  one is with a little shimmer to apply on nose
,brow,cheekbones and forehead, so that your face will look
magically smaller and fine.

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