Kamis, 24 November 2011

Makeup for woman in 30s' and 40s'

Women reach its 30, a mature age, they need to be seemed as it is, so we need use mature makeup to show their sexy. for this age, the skin turns a little yellow; so it is necessary to use makeup to conceal this fawl. . the principle is natural for daily makeup and night makeup, can make it a little dark. If you want to seem more young , it is good to use some pink color ; when apply loose powder, can add some light purple color;
for woman age above 30, blush is a good way to make you look younger, but not too heavy.

Women reach its 40, besides the great care of skin, it is very important to master the skill of makeup. At age of 40, the skin seems to be a little loose,  with slight Wrinkles, so they need to apply some anti-sunburt lotion and then foundation. it is better to use wet sponge. To use loose powder to reduce the Brightness of the skin. 
for hairstyles you can see http://womenhair-ideas.blogspot.com/ for some guidance.


Makeup base : A good choice to use color -adaptable foundation. Before lotion, it is better to put some anti-sunburt lotion to moisture skin.

Concealer: The point is on flaw, wrinkle, and eye bag.

Foundation: Use the foundation with concealer function

Power : Reduce the gruffness of the skin with the loose powder.

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