Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Black full bodied mascara all jack-up fire bird mascara

Black full bodied mascara all jack-up fire bird mascara

  Today I want to recommend the new mascara to you, that is 2 pc white nourish jack-up elemens mascara, it is great item:)

  1: Slender white gum paste is rich in natural combination, to create a new miracle eyelashes, from root to end slightly increase the maximum density, lash, slender arrhizus clear, natural looking as if born

  2:Black waterproof mascara plus double thick, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and has a bright black eyelashes so elastic, so that your eyes more beautiful charming
  Direction for use:
Brush on the paste first white ever thought possible,and so naturally dry for half a minute later.And then brush on the black water paste can be achieved by dense,ever thought possibel,Curl,brush a few times more effective,used alone black waterproof creamBody also can be achieved naturally brihgt black.

hope you like it :) kkkkkkkkkkkk

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Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

2011 Chanel inspiration Makeup

The inspiration "the 2010 conference of the Winter Fashion makeup, inspired by Carl The Winter Fashion series of bags and shoes, black smudges on the design based on the same idea, I would like blooming effect is applied to the eye makeup on 。"------ global creative director of Chanel make-up Peter Philips use part of the eyelid and eyebrow peak in autumn 2010 with a four-color eye shadow make-up # 19 Enigma.
The taupe eye shadow  in Four-color eye shadow , when it was wet, the color is more dark. Then, using two-color eyeliner pink Chanel # 10 picks up the supplied front liner eyeliner brush powder on the eyelid in the blooming effect of the ink on the printed pattern. Finally, using the Chanel Precision Eye Liner # 69 Clair, will be under the lash line to brighten the inside corner of the part, make eyes shine.
The eyes makeup focused on the eye. Elongated eye lines, and use black ink to create a pattern similar to the effect of cracks on the ice.
The cheeks makeup is done by two blushes. With Chanel blush # 66 Pink Cloud transparent pink, swipe on some of the cheek,to create a bright pink glow effect. The zygomatic part is used Chanel blush # 60 Rose Temptation brings a rosy glow.
Foundation, using a common background in the show's soft flawless Chanel liquid foundation, according to the model's original color, select the right color number to create a natural fit and feel of satin makeup.  Below are the pictures to show all

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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

2011 winter & fall cosmetic trend

Introduction: Fashion Week  brings us not only is the clothing on the aftertaste, as well as designers and for makeup and hair this fall, ahead of forecasts for a long time we can not forget. Although we do not have time to visit each show to find out, but here we prepared a very rich visual feast. Here, I will count out the autumn of this year to recommend makeup and hair trends.

Multi-layer liner

        At Miu Miu show , designer Pat McGrath used in eye makeup by half of the purple and orange color. Peter Philips ,at CHANEL show focused on the design of eye makeup on the eye, but Stéphane Marais is not the same, the eyeliner painted exaggerated to the extreme, as ZAc Posen show ,models of eye makeup is multi-layered liner to attract the audience.

Dark eye shadow

         When we applied eye shadow, we generally do not over-coated with  only one color. In the Derek Lam show , we saw eye shadow has been applied to the eyebrows, and makes this even more surprising is the color completely replace the role of eyeliner, girls with few eyelashes can try this eye makeup.

Bushy eyebrows

          This trend comes as the fall colors, the eyebrows, as we show in the Row and Narciso Rodriguez , we can see models are with thick and black arched eyebrows, but it's only the beginning, Balenciaga Pat McGrath is a bold the use of a candy-colored emerald green and blue mixed together cold painted eyebrows, eyebrow color to create the effect.

Nail decoration

         This design of the nail is beautiful and in punk style . As Gareth Pugh nail on the show floor model with a chain of beads pendants, and even on the forehead model have been dyed black to match, and for the real world, we recommend that shiny nails and cracked sense of decoration.

The rebellious young girl

         Gen Xers  wish to re-use makeup to show a rebellious youth, as the early 1960s "junk rock and tomboy" style frequently appeared on the stage, they always like almost no modification in the greasy eyes painted on his face makeup, hair is also used by lazy straight hair, it is difficult to forget the show Guido Palau Alexander Wang show shape.

Kate Moss's influence, Seattle makeup

          GUCCI Westman said: "If  make-up artist can not get inspiration from Seattle, they will find another style: Kate Moss kind of decadent and gorgeous unique temperament," as Rag & Bone show us the color models makeup: thick, dark around the eyes out of a women stay up all night rendering shape.

Sculptural makeup

         Not every designer has taken into account the shape of a tomboy and street children. The designer Marc Jacobs, at Louis Vuitton's show, show that kind of sculptural models the make-up, put off the skin with pearl lip gloss, and the release of feminine charm.

Red lips

        At Peter Som, Missoni and Proenza Schouler show , what we have seen are all dark purple lips, and  at YSL show floor to show us that pink lip color, ... red is ruling  this world, we can see Hervé Léger, Prabal Gurung, United Bamboo, Dsquared2, DOLce & Gabbana, Givenchy show floor models almost all painted bright red lips.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

" changable Queen" show you different face by Makeup

" changable Queen" show you different face by Makeup

Promise Phan, Nepalese, full name Promise Tamang Phan. The superb make-up skills and imagination to create, make friends wonder, known as the "lady with the change." Promise Phan seen all kinds of wonderful makeup, you will wonder she's "turning the makeup." Her makeup is not suitable for these daily life, but she used exaggerated way to tell you, if you want bigger eyes how the lash line, like how to fight the high bridge of the nose to high light, face smaller how to apply Shadow

Promise Phan, Nepalese, full name Promise Tamang Phan. Change the makeup of their photos and make video tutorials found by users, and popular among network. She can make themselves into all kinds of people: whether men or women, Asians or Europeans, stars and even cartoon characters,etc.. 

Turn to be Angelina Jolieseize the focus of Julie's makeup.

Turn to be rabbit Jesse, it is like Jesse is in frout of you ? Specifically to raise a lot of eyebrows

Turn to be Beyonce, Beyonce's makeup just right key was found.

Turn to be Scarlett Johansson plus iconic red lips sinking cheek mole.

 Turn to be Queen of hearts, there seems to come out from the same movie!
 Turn to be Chris Brown, Promise Phan make the key point for the men arrested are in place

Amazing !!!

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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011 Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes: Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes It seems that women have a kind of inborn cat like blurred temperament, and sexy charm of...

Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes

Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes

It seems that women have a kind of inborn cat like blurred  temperament, and sexy charm of cat eye makeup will make you an instant spike in men. At the same time, adorable big tears make up are also popular among Hollywood stars and t-stage models. The point to creat these two kind of makeup is eyeliner. Well, which one do you prefer and How to create two different styles of eyeliner, with me find out now!

Favorite cat charm
         Liner keyword: rose liner
         Higher end of eye liner, suitable for creating attractive eyes , can charm, or grace, full of women's soft. The New York Fashion Week, models of the cat eye makeup so that they transform into the idol or retro refined, eyes become full of charm, the little devil temptation distributed breath.

Create method:
         Step1: eyelid above the top corner as a starting point, began to describe the liner, back stretch slowly.
         Step2: front corner of the eye has been described on the liner back to the end of eye about 3 cm, slightly higher at the end of eye.
         Step3: a description from the end of eye liner, and just described focus on the eyelids of the liner together.
         Step4: Fill the blank with liner liner inside the lash roots have filled up thick eyeliner to complete the friends

The love and affection tears eye
         Liner keyword: drooping eye liner
         By depicting the end of eye liner under the eyelids, eye end has been emphasized in order to create a soft look lovely eyes. Looks delicate and charming, people may feel love and affection, the end of eye bright white light like a teardrop-like eyes, lovely atmosphere full.

Create method:
         Step1: drooping eye makeup on the liner is not the focus, not too thick so the liner can be a little stretched out in the end of eye.
         Step2: sagging under eye liner eye makeup is the focus at the end of eye liner to be rough, the more forward the more detailed, mucous membrane at the blank.
         Step3: In the mucosa at the painted white eyeliner, make even more drooping end of eye, the eye will be significantly greater.
         Step4: To emphasize the effect of drooping end of eye, lower eyelid can also be a small amount of adhesive false eyelashes at the end of eye.

Brand New Eye Liner Gel Eyeliner Black 02

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Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Fashion Outfits - Freida Pinto Vs Megan Fox

Eyeshadow make up make you special this Halloween

Yearly Halloween is coming very soon, are you ready for this season party? Are you annoyed by how to dressing up? And are you still dress up like Vampire? Zombie? And carry with the bumpkin lamp like others? This year, we just need you to spent some time on eye shadow to make you special, eye-catching, follow me now…

A representative of the original Halloween black and orange colors, the products of modern Halloween is also extensive use of purple, green and red.

Close your eyes as if living in the remote castle under quiet night sky

Musicians’ time, rainbow-colored eye shadow with dotted notes, quiet music, Halloween or need a little blessing?

Elements fall in recent years, Halloween has gradually joined in, the feeling of quiet country roads, but the sky bats and witches, and little focus highlights the Halloween theme.

Witch sitting Carpet comes the story of the palace, the use of purple, pink and orange eye shadow gradient depicted on the small eyes big extended thought.

Ghost legend throughout the world, ghost festival and ultimately its natural appearance. Dark eye shadow and bright colors painted on the ghost, there is a sense of dark

There is a feeling of falling into the time tunnel, with fluorescent green, brown and black to create a hollow three-dimensional, draw the clock pointed to midnight. The message eyelids means so much.

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Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

See if Eyes makeup Or Lip makeup prevails

See if Eyes makeup Or Lip makeup Prevails

Every fashion week, Bright Eyes show floor is not eye-catching lips, see 2012 Paris Fashion Week, Lips and Eyes were sent to contests.

Eye camp:Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
White primer, black eyes lines and false eyelashes. Bright spots are under the lash of the mind, showing clusters of heavily false eyelashes, blossoms are the perfect eye contour.

Lip Camp: Fashion Week lips the frequency is high, but each of red varies. Jean Paul Gaultier's full of moist red, clear boundaries, but naughty and instability.

Lip Camp:Yohji Yamamoto ,her makeup and hair style is eye-catching, lip color purple berry is absolutely out of place, we must first outline on the front lip balm, lip color saturation to prevent overflow.

Eye camp:Yves Saint Laurent :Narrow coffee-color eye makeup restrained and subtle, bring out the red lips are eye-catching, elegant and unique form of echo-type cells sense.

Lip Camp:Christian DIOR Plain eye and face make up, leaving only the infamous US-style Dior lip. Matte red lips , but slightly cherry red, not painted lip, leave Man casual tone.

Eye camp:Viktor & ROLf Color false eyelashes, and chose both romantic and retro pink color, pink lupine makeup false eyelashes, so that all of the gaze.

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