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EURO-AMERICAN female stars Make up Show

EURO-AMERICAN female stars Make up Show

Many people are afraid to paint the liner will become very stiff, very
sharp, so the eye liner, black eyeliner, especially there is always at
arm's length attitude, but it is not true, with pink nude lip color,
to ease the overall makeup, black liner can also reflect the true
natural feeling, good color distribution, below is some stars makeup
look , may be able to benefit greatly Oh ~

Vanessa Hudgens 
Matte flawless skin looks transparnt and fine , thick eyelashes makes
her eyes look more charming. Double pink lip close to nude colors, it
is the makeup suitble for summer.

Hayden Panettiere
Slender golden brown eye makeup and eyelashes, with the best healthy
wheat color skin, and blush at the small area of ​​muscle in the
blooming apple, with sparkling pink lip makeup

Fernanda Romero
Dark skin color of wheat to set off the lip with purple fluorescent,
more full of wildness. Thin eyeliner and messy hair to create a rock
girl's temperament.

Sarah Carter
Carved golden hair with bushy eyebrows very sexy personality, flashing brilliance of the earth is particularly brilliant color eye makeup, red lips flashing!

Candice Swanepoel
golden hair , golden smoky eyes makeup , with bright blue eyes, toot lip look very nature and sexy

Alice Evans
Thick eyeliner to the eyes revealed a mature woman's sexy and deterrence, sweep blush cheek color on both sides of the earth, to create a three-dimensional, fluorescent red lip is particularly stunning.

Pink and purple eye shadow with a slender eyelashes like a princess-like sweet, deep rose color blush with a little lip of the similar color, lovely and elegant.

 Blake Lively
Slightly glowing red color of wheat, as has just been blowing sea breeze as healthy. T-zone and high-light to brighten the eye, creating a deep profile.

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