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2011 Chanel inspiration Makeup

The inspiration "the 2010 conference of the Winter Fashion makeup, inspired by Carl The Winter Fashion series of bags and shoes, black smudges on the design based on the same idea, I would like blooming effect is applied to the eye makeup on 。"------ global creative director of Chanel make-up Peter Philips use part of the eyelid and eyebrow peak in autumn 2010 with a four-color eye shadow make-up # 19 Enigma.
The taupe eye shadow  in Four-color eye shadow , when it was wet, the color is more dark. Then, using two-color eyeliner pink Chanel # 10 picks up the supplied front liner eyeliner brush powder on the eyelid in the blooming effect of the ink on the printed pattern. Finally, using the Chanel Precision Eye Liner # 69 Clair, will be under the lash line to brighten the inside corner of the part, make eyes shine.
The eyes makeup focused on the eye. Elongated eye lines, and use black ink to create a pattern similar to the effect of cracks on the ice.
The cheeks makeup is done by two blushes. With Chanel blush # 66 Pink Cloud transparent pink, swipe on some of the cheek,to create a bright pink glow effect. The zygomatic part is used Chanel blush # 60 Rose Temptation brings a rosy glow.
Foundation, using a common background in the show's soft flawless Chanel liquid foundation, according to the model's original color, select the right color number to create a natural fit and feel of satin makeup.  Below are the pictures to show all

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