Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Transplanting gel and fiber mascara 2 pc in one box

Transplanting gel and fiber mascara 2 pc in one box

    Dear everyone, there are two knids of mascara here that i want to introduce today :)
they are both  love aphara brand ; there are 2 pc in the box , one is transplanting gel and one is fiber ; when you use them repeatly, you can make ur eyelashes thick & long . one customer write to me that when she use this, she is becoming like a doll and her boyfriend is melt by her :)))))  very funny girl , but it is true that this can truly make your eyelashes very long and thick, you can repeat using this two till  you thik they are thick and long enough. I post the link  at the end of this writing , so you can know more about details of this item :)
I use it everyday since i am lazy to apply foundation, eyeshadow, blush , etc, but it is truly enough to just apply false eyelashes, which makes me look fresh for a whole day :)

    Tips for remove : you can use the cotton pad with warm water and apply it on ur eyelashes for a few seconds and then wipe it gently .


Thanks for your attention :) welcome for commends :)


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