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Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes

Black eyeliner gel creat cat eyes and tear eyes

It seems that women have a kind of inborn cat like blurred  temperament, and sexy charm of cat eye makeup will make you an instant spike in men. At the same time, adorable big tears make up are also popular among Hollywood stars and t-stage models. The point to creat these two kind of makeup is eyeliner. Well, which one do you prefer and How to create two different styles of eyeliner, with me find out now!

Favorite cat charm
         Liner keyword: rose liner
         Higher end of eye liner, suitable for creating attractive eyes , can charm, or grace, full of women's soft. The New York Fashion Week, models of the cat eye makeup so that they transform into the idol or retro refined, eyes become full of charm, the little devil temptation distributed breath.

Create method:
         Step1: eyelid above the top corner as a starting point, began to describe the liner, back stretch slowly.
         Step2: front corner of the eye has been described on the liner back to the end of eye about 3 cm, slightly higher at the end of eye.
         Step3: a description from the end of eye liner, and just described focus on the eyelids of the liner together.
         Step4: Fill the blank with liner liner inside the lash roots have filled up thick eyeliner to complete the friends

The love and affection tears eye
         Liner keyword: drooping eye liner
         By depicting the end of eye liner under the eyelids, eye end has been emphasized in order to create a soft look lovely eyes. Looks delicate and charming, people may feel love and affection, the end of eye bright white light like a teardrop-like eyes, lovely atmosphere full.

Create method:
         Step1: drooping eye makeup on the liner is not the focus, not too thick so the liner can be a little stretched out in the end of eye.
         Step2: sagging under eye liner eye makeup is the focus at the end of eye liner to be rough, the more forward the more detailed, mucous membrane at the blank.
         Step3: In the mucosa at the painted white eyeliner, make even more drooping end of eye, the eye will be significantly greater.
         Step4: To emphasize the effect of drooping end of eye, lower eyelid can also be a small amount of adhesive false eyelashes at the end of eye.

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