Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Black full bodied mascara all jack-up fire bird mascara

Black full bodied mascara all jack-up fire bird mascara

  Today I want to recommend the new mascara to you, that is 2 pc white nourish jack-up elemens mascara, it is great item:)

  1: Slender white gum paste is rich in natural combination, to create a new miracle eyelashes, from root to end slightly increase the maximum density, lash, slender arrhizus clear, natural looking as if born

  2:Black waterproof mascara plus double thick, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and has a bright black eyelashes so elastic, so that your eyes more beautiful charming
  Direction for use:
Brush on the paste first white ever thought possible,and so naturally dry for half a minute later.And then brush on the black water paste can be achieved by dense,ever thought possibel,Curl,brush a few times more effective,used alone black waterproof creamBody also can be achieved naturally brihgt black.

hope you like it :) kkkkkkkkkkkk

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