Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Eyeshadow make up make you special this Halloween

Yearly Halloween is coming very soon, are you ready for this season party? Are you annoyed by how to dressing up? And are you still dress up like Vampire? Zombie? And carry with the bumpkin lamp like others? This year, we just need you to spent some time on eye shadow to make you special, eye-catching, follow me now…

A representative of the original Halloween black and orange colors, the products of modern Halloween is also extensive use of purple, green and red.

Close your eyes as if living in the remote castle under quiet night sky

Musicians’ time, rainbow-colored eye shadow with dotted notes, quiet music, Halloween or need a little blessing?

Elements fall in recent years, Halloween has gradually joined in, the feeling of quiet country roads, but the sky bats and witches, and little focus highlights the Halloween theme.

Witch sitting Carpet comes the story of the palace, the use of purple, pink and orange eye shadow gradient depicted on the small eyes big extended thought.

Ghost legend throughout the world, ghost festival and ultimately its natural appearance. Dark eye shadow and bright colors painted on the ghost, there is a sense of dark

There is a feeling of falling into the time tunnel, with fluorescent green, brown and black to create a hollow three-dimensional, draw the clock pointed to midnight. The message eyelids means so much.

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