Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Colorfulonline.com: 120 color palette 5 versions

Hello everyone , today i would like to recommend the 120 color palettes to all of you ; in our store, there are together 5 versions, we name them by numbers, version 1# to version 5#...

here are the links of them






each palette has 120 color eyeshadows , you can use for any purpose :) version 1 and 2 are more colorful colors and 3# and 4# have more warm, netural colors
5# has the most matte colors. if you are makeup beginner , i do recommond about this palette, since it is cheap and with 120 colors, you can use for many kinds of makeup
and it is also good for professional usage.

they are some friends on youtube do the review for our items :)


thanks for reading :)

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