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More about mascara 2

Curling eyelashes not only charming, but also to make the eyes more piercing. This credit course, thanks to your skills in a mascara brush. Here's a makeup artist to teach you to create four curling eyelashes tips it, this is the moment to help you become a good way to charming Oh, hurry up and let the eyelashes will "speak"!

First, from root to tip, heavier to lighter

Brush up eyelashes, hand strength to gradually reduce, the root was extraordinarily thick eyelashes. Finished in painted mascara, gently blink an eye, and then black eyeliner to fill the gap between the root eyelashes, eyelashes will look super abundance! Create a super-thick, sexy lashes is the secret: the mascara dry before the multi-coated layers, and action must be fast!

Note: single fold, the above method is not suitable for little eyes, rubs up against the lower eyelid if you have, you can use a cotton swab dipped in remover solution gently wipe

Second, the skills to master the clip eyelashes

Caught with the eyelash curler close to lash roots as possible the location of folders deep and slowly three times, each and all to advance a little tip eyelashes. If you just look severely folder, the folder was born only a hard crease. Generally, we only folder lashes before mascara brush, but the professional stylist's secret - mascara brushing 2-3 minutes, with a more gentle way and then clip again.

Third, the first brush and then comb prevent eyelashes Tuozhuang

Want to avoid eyelashes Tuozhuang? Do not rub the eye cream, eye gel with moisture as long as the eye, eyelashes will not stick to the oil and Tuozhuang. After the first layer on the mascara, then comb it again metal eyelash comb to straighten out the local agglomeration. Than plastic comb fine metal comb, eyelash comb easier.

Fourth, professional stylists to teach you the skills mascara brush

Want to stud clear eyelashes? Necessary smeared mascara evenly! Professional stylists brush lashes, left and right will be difficult to detect slight swing in order to increase the right and left of each eyelash coloring capacity. In the build eyelashes, when scraped off the painted eyelashes eyeliner brush (flat brush) painted on eyelashes, because each time only a few lashes to brush, so the makeup is very delicate, with a makeup for painting later

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