Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

The importance of eyelashes

I do not know whether MM of you with small series have the same habits, is like watching someone else's eyelashes. The baby is still crawling on the ground who are long curly eyelashes, as with the doll. Long eyelashes eye guy usually becomes exceptionally charming. Of course, most concerned about the female star of the eyelashes, but with a jealous eye, how can so beautiful lashes! Today to learn how to brush lashes out, do not have to fold the others drool

STEP1. In the mascara before you paint the lashes with a secret, not only can make your lashes look more dense, and brushing mascara to avoid clumping!

STEP2. Remember to use the eyelash curler curling your lashes, then use black mascara from the roots, was Z-shaped mascara brush again to make eyelashes look more three-dimensional, this will make your eyes zoom a lot.

STEP3. Wants to become a true master of mascara, a mascara alone is not enough, the two kinds of different effects with the use of mascara, make a thick eyelashes and slender. Of course, there is a luxurious, you should first use the function with thick mascara, because fats are more able to bold lashes, so it is completely dry, then use the slim-type mascara

here are some beautiful false eyelashes :)

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