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Choose the right mascara:

Choose the right mascara:Long and sparse eyelashes
Suitable for thick mascara. Recommended to use light loose powder on the lashes flutter, apply mascara, this effect will be surprisingly good, both thick and slender eyelashes.
Long and thick eyelashes
Do not waste your precious God-given wealth, curling eyelashes with eyelash curler together and select the shape effect of a good mascara.
Short and sparse lashes
Should use both thick-and slim-type mascara in order to achieve good results. Mix the two to use mascara to the attention of the order, slim type to use in dense type, after the end of the lashes to create a more slender and longer in effect.
Short and thick eyelashes
First eyelash curler can curl 90 degrees, and then use an extension mascara from the eyelashes of the 2 / 3 of the coating to a peripheral place, then type in the roots of the lashes coated with thick mascara. Note Do not painted too thick, so as to avoid unnecessary, painted "fly legs."Mascara tips:When the first mascara with eyelash curler eyelash curler gently tilt to the folder when not too heavy, the first grip the roots, gently clip a few times, then caught in the middle clip a few eyelashes, eyelash tip last clip. If you do not accidentally become eyelash curler right angle, you can use a cotton swab dipped in hot water to correct. When the mascara from root to tip back and forth by way of Z-shaped brush a few times. It is worth mentioning that the best time to brush flat mirror, eyes looking down, so as not to brush on the eyelids is very suitable for beginners ~ ~ Oh. Eye-head, eyes, eyelashes is not easy to brush well, you can slowly brush over the brush shaft. If the process gets the brush or lump on the eyelid, and can gently wipe with a cotton swab.3 unloading mascara tips: first Eye and Lip Makeup Remover shake, on cotton. Then close your eyes, the lashes on the cotton cover, a few seconds to dissolve mascara remover liquid, gently rub down, mascara can be easily unloaded, opened his eyes to the point of view, with cotton from roots of lashes upward graze, relieved inside lashes mascara. Finally, a cotton pad dipped in hot water with a clean wipe the mascara can completely unload clean and friends.Mascara with some of the problems arising in the process:Too easily smudged mascara, and I became old panda eyes, how can I do?
In addition to external reasons, smudged mascara and skin are also relevant. If you are a "small fields", smudged mascara likely than other people. To avoid embarrassing black eye in the use of mascara can be a little loose powder on the next sweep eyelid; In addition, in the summer to try to avoid using a high fat content of the cream, it makes the skin too moist, causing flowers when the blink of an eye makeup.
Coating under the lashes, the mascara is easy to get onto the skin, how to solve?
When painted lower lashes, bottom lashes, a cotton pad, cotton swab directly applied to the top, hands not only of the point, and will not get on the skin. In addition, there are many brands have a mini-brush mascara, use it as detailed as painting Painting, also under the eyelids can create the feeling of a stud is clear, will not contaminate the skin.
Nourishing mascara really work?
Contains a plant protein, Vitamin B5, silica and other ingredients mascara, nutrients can penetrate into the eyelashes, the speed up metabolism, play a conservation role, so that eyelashes tough, not falling. But only by using the mascara, I am afraid to reach their thick eyelashes slim purposes.
Shelf life of mascara in the end is? How to solve the mascara kill, agglomeration of the problem?
In general, the shelf life of mascara is 6 months, but this is not commonly used in your case. If you use every day, or even to carry on makeup, then it's probably only a half life of two months. Taken to minimize the number of times, taking time to take in the rotating spiral approach may be appropriate to extend the duration of use mascara. If you buy will soon have a mascara agglomeration, in which point you can continue to use a few drops of eye drops.
Waterproof mascara is not blooming, but the discharge is too much trouble, how do? Eyelashes from the eyes close, need to be careful and meticulous makeup, action gently, to prevent contamination of cosmetics eyes, causing discomfort. Moreover, in order to protect the delicate eye, should choose a professional eye makeup products. They can also easily remove waterproof mascara. First, put a cotton swab moistened makeup products in the lashes, the other to take a cotton pad under the eyes, and then use a cotton swab to carefully turn on the lashes, so get rid of cosmetics falls on a cotton pad.

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