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Do you use mascara in a correct way?

You want to have a pair of long curling eyelashes like Barbie? You have short sparse lashes and feel for the trouble? Have you ever thought he could have long, slim curly and thick beautiful long eyelashes? Mascara , doyou use rightly? !

1: How to keep mascara not too dry?

Mascara is very easy to dry, and can not achieve the results, so try to avoid contact with air eyelash cream; retractable mascara is the best way: spiral out;

2: how to do with dry mascara?

If the mascara dry, you can drop a little vitamin E or olive oil on the inside, but not excessive, or likely to get faint makeup

3: Expired mascara recycling

If mascara does not run out on a date that can be used for eyebrows, paste drier, allowing the slightest distinct eyebrows. If the mascara has run out, you can also clean up the brush, eyelash comb or a comb eyebrows are very easy to use!

On how to use mascara

On how to use mascara:

1, the mascara brush method:

Mascara brush is usually "Z" word means, but if the lashes are too short, or a straight up and down relatively lengthening effect.

2, with the perfect eyelash products: Lengthening Mascara Mascara

In fact, not one the most beautiful eyelashes mascara can create, usually with long, slim type and dense type to produce the best results, the correct use of: first use of encryption mascara, because it's the components of fats and waxes more in diameter can be bold lashes, and so completely dry, then use Lengthening Mascara, Lengthening Mascara fiber ingredients, the first use of the words likely to cause adhesions.

What color are black eye mascara

3, what color to black eye mascara?

In the following concealer, do not use dark mascara, eye makeup that would make the whole bleak. Brown or blue mascara, brighten eyes, distract the attention of dark circles, is a good choice.

4, when required under the eyelashes painted?

At the same time under the painted eyelashes, will increase the sense of three-dimensional eye, make the eyes look large and God, if we will look with eyeliner painted a more formal, doctrinal and makeup for the evening attended the event. If you usually go to work, travel, want makeup looks natural and fresh, you can choose not painted lower lashes.

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