Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

2012 daily smokey makeup

Smoked makeup  is the most popular makeup, so loved by many women.  Then take a look at the most popular in 2012 how little of it smoked makeup...

smokey makeup Tips 1 stick with a fine cotton liner or black eye shadow instead of eyeliner first with a clean eye shadow primer and then stacked, can easily enhance a sense of profound degree and blooming. (2) the makeup of the eyelashes with smoke thick enough to Alice must be enough to highlight the three-dimensional, or eye makeup is too heavy to eat. 3 the first attempt to draw smoke makeup, to be held fast to the principle of color a few times, to avoid


Dark to light on the makeup method 1 smoked makeup special black eyeliner, draw a little on the thick eyeliner. (2) with a cotton swab to push the smudged eyeliner, keep a sense of remove color contours. 3 gray eye shadow stack will rub on the upper eyelid, it will produce natural gradient. 4 Step 3 eye shadow stick with the pastels of the lower eyelid after more than 1 / 3 range. 5 to highlight the brow and eye-head Alice eyelash curler after mascara brush on thick. 

Light to dark make up method

1 honey coated with gray eyes in the entire upper eyelid, the more close to the external use less. (2) dark gray eye shadow up from blooming to the eye on the occasion of orbital and lower eyelid after 1 / 2 range. 3 black eye shadow brush eyelid fold area, then brush the sheets within the double eye can see the range of colors. 4 eyelids with black eye shadow brush after the next 1 / 3 of the area immediately liner. 5 silver with white pearl eye shadow to highlight brow and eye-head, and finally you can brush on the mascara.

Suitable for smokey makeup

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