Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

More about apply mascara

No matter what kind of beauty makeup, thick slender eyelashes are key. As long as it can be said with thick curly eyelashes, you can easily can have electric eyes, attractive upgrade. Of course, can not have legs like cockroaches in a wildly's sticky eyelashes. A lot of MM complaining, why is not the stud is clearly eyelashes brush it, brush your eyelashes way, right? Today small is necessary to teach the most basic advanced eyelashes brush method, quick to learn about it!

Step1: After eyelashes with eyelash curler clip after the end of cream with a stick of mascara brush, play with the vertical "Z" shaped the way, the lower end of the eyelashes to the top, gently brush the paste on the bottom lashes. Do not brush the end of more than 3 times cream, or black mascara is not easy to cover all the brush, brush after 30 seconds, so that the end was a semi-dry state and then paste on black mascara. Bottom lashes cream can long maintain no time looking, easy to make a more lasting halo mascara makeup.

Step2: use a mascara brush dipped to "Z" shaped the way, the lower end of the eyelashes to the top, gently brush the mascara. "Z" shaped stud clear way to make eyelashes. At the same time make clear sharp eyelashes, big round eyes clear.

Step3: the eyes look down, the roots of the eyelashes exposed as much as possible, the eyelash brush into the roots of the lashes, keeping 2-3 seconds, then pull the tail to the lashes, while mascara is dry when you can make fine-tuning, the eyelash brush more dense. Lack of experience in MM brush eyelash eyelashes can baffle, or a cotton pad and gently stand on the eyelids, mascara brush to avoid out of bounds.

Step4: strong effect of the eye lashes is not enough, if there are doll-like glasses of pure clear sense, but also the third step. Will be divided into three parts on the eyelashes. Up in the eyelash brush, eye brush head and end of eye are out, so it can get big thick round God's eyes. Comb eyelashes with eyelash comb to avoid the "cockroach foot" generation, so that eyelashes stud clear.

Step5: eyelashes with a low dip cream, fine brush under the eyelashes, from left to right, from right to left, in a vertical way of the brush. Effective in every eyelash comb to prevent caking, showing slender eyelashes.

Step6: under the lashes with a special comb-like brush lightly under the eyelashes, make eyelashes become more slender under thick.

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