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mascara knowledge to beginner

You know nothing of eyelashes? Are you going to learn how to turn eyelashes? Following specialized collecting for beginners eyelashes out of the knowledge.

Types of mascara

1 natural type: the effect of natural fresh, makeup easy, but difficult to demonstrate the length of eyelashes thick and difficult to brush evenly.

2 slim type: With mascara in the fiber content, so have longer eyelashes effect, fan fan-like doll-like eyes.

3 dense type: make thick eyelashes longer, easily fixed lashes, brush a little crude compared with the previous two products.

4 Waterproof: water resistant to sweat, make lashes look thick, elastic, but not easy to brush evenly.

5 Transparent mascara: colorless, can maintain the flexibility and curl lashes.

6 Color Mascara: There are several different colors to choose from, its characteristics and the same natural mascara.

Use mascara and steps:

1 on the eyelashes: eyes, look down, down by the front-end eyelash brush, eye level and then brush evenly from bottom to top.

(2) under the eyelashes: eyes flat as a mirror, eyelash brush to brush the front left and right cross, then head down under the lash brush evenly.


1 Some of the quick-drying less mascara, eye blink when they get dirty easily under the eyelids, mascara stains if not careful, you can swab gently scrubbed.

2 brush mascara should avoid mascara met the eye.

3 Due to mascara was not easy removable, used a cotton swab dipped in remover Remover scrubbed, or stained cotton pad liquid makeup, put a few minutes and then remove the lower eyelid.

4 according to the occasion, with clothing and other factors that determine the choice of color mascara.

5 night or participate in special occasions, repeated several times more than brush mascara, so that the eye is more profound charming, light lashes will give you even more prominent, bright.

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