Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Cutie doll eye make up

Pink purple eye makeup,make you a best looks of the doll sweet girl. It is a kind of woman, enough to be fascinated by the world why men. Doll eye makeup to create very simple, just place from the bottom up from the eyelashes gently smudged pink and purple eye shadow can be. Finally, the lower eyelid near the inner corner at the first touch of the bright colors. And you're done by myself.

Light purple eye makeup is suitable for a small woman in their prime. Somewhat mysterious, somewhat charming. Focus on the lower lid of the white highlights. The right light touch highlights the deep eyes.

         Pink Eye, notably curling eyelashes, eye makeup indistinct. Makeup like bare basic models. More suitable for crush delicate, soft facial features prominent women.

         Pink is also suitable for baby-faced girls. Eye makeup and pink blush each other. Gift to a woman lovely temperament. Bring women shy obsequiousness. The opposite of the boy and mature men caught.

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