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About foundation

About foundation

Today  A friend asked me : what kind of loose powder is good ?
I ask her : why you use loose powder?
she says :  her makeup looks very stiff and want to make it more naturally by loose powder.
I : If it is like a fake mask after make up?
she : yes yes , exactly
I: if so, if you use the loose powder, it will make your makeup look more thick,
how to do about this? 

Facing hundreds of product, it is hard for us to chose, on tv show, magazine, artists always us liquid foundation, powder and loose powder even concealer,  do we need a whole set? Well, if we do,  we still can not make it look like fake mask, so how to chose the foundation?
it is time to write this to share with all of you :)

Q1:  do we have to apply loose powder?
       The difference between Liquid foundation and  foundation cream is the rate of oil and water, it is all for blance the skin color , but it is not mean that you have to apply loose powder after foundation. if your skin is dry or  when you are not going to apply eyeshadow and blush, you do not need to apply loose powder.

Q2: what is loose powder used for ?
Fix makeup! Right? but what is called " fix makeup? if you apply foundation, the skin is sticky, so you have to apply loose powder before apply eyeshadow and blush.

Q3: what is better:  pressed powder or liquid foundation?
it  Is all depends on your skin. if your skin is dry, suggest to use  liquid foundation and if oppiste, suggest to use pressed powder.

Q4,  why i still look like wear a fake mask even when i chose the right foundation?
this do has something to do with the amount you use and technique you apply. Nature makeup is a kind of blanced skin color with a little flaw, but rosy.  Usually I only apply foundation to work everyday, never conceal the little spot on face/ Today I ask them, they never thought i applied foundation. they thought I born like this .kkkkkkkk :)
Do not apply too much, it will make the makeup look thick.
do not apply too quick.  i know that everyone like to stay on bed specially in cool winter, so all of we hurry up for wrok, and before it, we hurry to apply foundation. so sucks,,:(

well, so much for today. if any question, please do leave me message, i will  reply you:)

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