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Lip and long lashes: 2012 Spring cosmetic Trend

Introduction: Here are the collection of 2011 spring cosmetic trend.
Trend : Lip / long lashes

  Retro red lips
  1. Red lipstick is about to become one of the make-up trends
Sexy red lips in the spring of 2012, continuation of the previous retro style, but remember to draw the eye makeup was more shiny to match the red lip.
  2、Oriental women: coral red lips

 coral red lips is not only suitable for Florida's woman, it is suitable for women of any age. If you do not want to draw the lip too dark color, you can dip your fingertips smear lipstick on the lip , like eating fruit, coral lipstick and yellow skin matches very well.
  3. Long thick black eyelashes

 Each one can stop this big trend, every different Style of woman can not deny the tide of false eyelashes, if you do not want to glue on false eyelashes, the eyelashes that only multi-coated layers of mascara.
  Skin: Shiny bronze color


  Spring, reminiscent of sparkling, we can draw our eyes and cheeks shiny effect, especially our skin, can make it shine.
5.Bronze skin

  Rub a little cream when the mixture bronze moisturizing cream and foundation, bronze skin you can make any of the above makeup, with bronze skin with pink lip gloss can be or has been tested mascara.

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