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Cosmetic Creat perfectness

The proportion of perfect facial features, can be beautiful one. But who are born one way or another is not perfect, not easily to plastic surgery, then we recommend for everyone to learn make-up magic bar, use of make-up skills, so no lack of facial features become more feminine.

Part 1: To create the perfect nose
    1, to overcome the flat nose troubles
     Apply small amount of light brown powder near the eyes , with shadows accentuate the height of the nose.
    2、To overcome the troubles big nose
    Both sides of the nose modified to use a dark plateau reason to make the nose look smaller, the nose looks set to be relatively long.
    3、Overcome the  short nose troubles
    With High-light way, you can create a perfect nose.
    4、To overcome the troubles round nose
     Located in the nose, thick flesh looks slightly weakened position round the feeling of thick, you can create the ideal nose.

PART2: to create the perfect lip

Lip is a very important part of facial makeup. How to outliner a perfect lip. let us start to learn.
    1、To overcome the thin lips of trouble
With the same color lipstick with lip liner to draw a perfect lip, and then re-painted lipstick with gloss on it
    2、Lip to overcome the troubles left-right asymmetry
   Start with the lower lip of the central location to draw a line, then then painted the entire lip, so it is easy to draw a symmetrical feel.
    3、To overcome the bad lip trouble
Healthy sense of line with the finger pads of orange backing to adjust the lip color lip gloss, rub on the stack after the color pink or nude lip gloss.


PART3: to create the perfect face
    Face is not perfect is the most likely to expose the shortcomings, and most of the girls almost all of their face are not completely satisfied, take a look at the face that you are not satisfied with how to fix it.
    1, to overcome the long face trouble
    Taken parallel to the horizontal painting, will be the length of the narrow vision, and then with the repair capacity to create the ideal face.
    2, to overcome the round face of trouble
    First, from the slanting cheekbones of the local painting blush, blush a bit deeper and then draw the selection below, and then trimming to emphasize the contours, even with the modification of the neck also.
    3, to overcome the side face of trouble
    If the cheekbones as a starting point, draw a small circle blush, can make the face look smaller.
    4, to overcome the troubles protruding chin
    Start with the brush on cheekbones highest horizontal position, but the small range of blush, and then the general repair capacity method, modified face angle position to face with the chin smaller

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